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Benefits of bike riding.

bike riding benefitsNowadays bikes gain extraordinary popularity. Every year around the worlds the number of those who prefer this way of transportation significantly increases.

So what are the benefits of cycling and why it becomes so popular?
Firstly bike is environmentally friendly transport..
Secondly bike is good way to safe some money on gas and subway cards.
Thirdly cycling provides huge health benefits:

Why cycling is the best way to stay fit?

bike cycling fitIf you are having problems fitting into your old dresses then you must weigh yourself. Maybe, you must have put on extra pounds. Staying healthy and fit is imperative for a long life without diseases. Putting on weight is very easy but losing flab is a discomforting process. You need to regularly exercise and there is no better way than cycling.

Anti-bike-theft tips in NYC.

Bike lovers can't imagine their life without their two-whbike safety nyceeled friend. So what you should do to prevent your bike from stealing in NYC.

Riding Bike in Winter.

Of course bicycriding bike in winterle is best to ride on a solid flat surface, but it is not so easy to find. Dry asphalt or compacted snow is best option in winter. If you have bike tires with metal studs, you can feel confident even on ice.  But it is more for extreme lovers.

Bike is conquering NYC.

bike nyc    While on rush hours New Yorkers pack subway cars and car owners are trying to break through  traffic, more and more inhabitants of NYC prefer another way of transportation - their own bike.

Most bike friendly cities in the world.

Traveling by bike is one of the best ways to explore new cities. On the one hand with bike you move fast enough to overtake the entire city in one day, on the other hand traffic and signs don't really bother you - in fact bicycle allowed practically everywhere. In Europe and America people are usually polite to cyclists and when riding on the road you don't have to worry about your safety too much. Moreover there are cities where cars are forced to give way to cyclists.

Who invented bicycle?

It's not easy to ibicyclenvestigate who invented bicycle, but we will try to do it!

Central Park NYC.

central park nycThe United States of America is a dream country for many people throughout the world, as it offers a lot of job opportunities, and people from all over the world flock here, to make a living, and dream of being rich, and prosperous.  NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world. It also offers a lot of attractive sites, and a lot of people visit this city for business, and pleasure.

Amazing NYC. Top place to see.

An amazing and a diverse place to stop over is NYC. The city offers a number of exciting and fun places to experience and enjoy. Some attractions of this city can not be find in any other place of the world. So let's discover what are the top places to see in NYC, what places can not be missed. Let's start our least:

Museums in NYC.

Home to over a hundred different sites and museums, NYC is a place that truly accommodates anyone’s personal taste.  Whether you’re into sewing or sketching, there is something for everyone.  Depending on what part of the city and which museum you decide to attend, the entrance fee can vary.  While one museum may be free to enter, another may charge a few dollars.  Most of the time, there are special discounts for young children and senior citizens. 

Central Park Zoo.

Maintained by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Central Park Zoo is arguably one of the top tourist attractions that keep people flocking to New York by the dozens.  Originally established in 1859, the zoo has undergone several redesign and remodeling changes.  Most of them took place in the 80’s.   Due to poor conditions, the zoo was closed down and later reopened to the public on August 8, 1988.  In the list of the United State’s publicly owned zoos, the Central Park Zoo comes second, just behind the Philadelphi

Riding Bicycles in Central Park

Cars aren’t the only means of leisurely transportation in New York anymore.  As a matter of fact, more and more people are starting to ride bikes.  A favorite sight-seeing location of the majority of New York biking natives and tourists alike is Central Park.  Bicycle riding has been going on in Central Park dating back to as early as 1880, when you were only allowed to ride between the wee hours of 1:00 AM and 9:00 AM.  Some of the first bicyclists were a group called the League of American Wheelmen who would hold annual meeting

Top Places to Cycle in NYC.

Whether you are new to cycling or are a seasoned veteran there are some great options available to cycle in New York City. When we think of NYC the first thing that often pops into mind is the clutter and congestion. While this is true, there are also a few areas that are set aside for people who enjoy the great outdoors and wide open spaces. By finding a few of these areas that are available to cyclists you will be giving yourself a chance to enjoy the city in a new way that you never thought possible.

What is Central Park for New Yorkers?

Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world. As we know, it is located right in the heart of Manhattan which makes it easily accessible for people who live just about anywhere in the city. The thing is, however, some New York City residents do not understand all of the things that Central Park can mean to them. For example, there are things such as bird watching or even catching a performance in the park that all New Yorker’s can take advantage of. Sadly, few of them actually take the time to realize the potential that Central Park has to offer.

Top Places to See While in NYC

New York City is full of many sites that are must see for every tourist. The problem is, however, that it is impossible to see them all on one short trip. That said, it is important to know where you want to visit before your arrival and work towards seeing all of the attractions that interest you the most. Whether you are interested in history, architecture or sports there is something for you to do and see in NYC. Keep in mind a few of your top places to visit on your next rip in order to make sure it is an enjoyable experience.

More and More New Yorkers Prefer Bicycle

If you have ever been to New York City then chances are you were amazed with the sheer size of the area. The Big Apple is one of the largest cities in the world and it can be very tough to make your way around in a timely manner. To that end, more and more new York City residents are turning to bicycles as an effective means to get around the congested down town area. There are many reasons why people are going this route but chief among them is convenience. When you own a bicycle you no longer have to wait on a busy street corner for a cab to drive by.

NYC on Bicycle- Best way to Explore

Let’s face it. New York City is one huge place. If you have ever spent time in NYC then you already know that getting around the town can be a nightmare. In addition to the congested streets, there is also a ton of foot traffic. That being said, many people feel that the best way to explore the Big Apple is on bicycle. Using a bike to explore the city has many advantages. First off, it is much less expensive to cruise around town on a bike as opposed to in your own car or in a taxi cab. With a bicycle you can leisurely cruise up and down the main and side streets at your own pace.

Five Boro Bike Tour

If you live in New York City then there is a good chance that you have taken a bike ride or two. After all, bicycles are one of the more popular ways for native New Yorkers to get around town. Not only can riding a bike through New York City be therapeutic but it can also be effective. Oftentimes biking is the fastest way to get where you are going considering that the streets are usually jam packed with traffic. If biking in NYC is something that you enjoy then you should take a few minutes and like into the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Cycling Clubs in NYC

If you live in New York City there is a good chance that you have taken a bike ride or two down the busy city streets or through one of the world famous parks. Even if you haven’t personally used a bike in the town you have seen some people that have. The interesting fact about cycling in NYC is that there are dozens of clubs out there for biking enthusiasts to belong to. When we think about large cities such as New York we tend to think that it is unfeasible to really commit to cycling as a hobby. After all, the streets are congested and the parks are busy.

Bike to Work in NYC

If you live and work in New York City then you are obviously aware of the challenges that are present regarding transportation. If you own your own car then you know how expensive it is to drive and park around the city. Furthermore, the subway is convenient but can be a bit expensive and time consuming in and of itself. The alternative type of transportation that many New Yorkers have been turning to of late is biking to work. By biking to work there are many advantages that will occur.

New York Bike Month

There are many bike enthusiasts that live in the confines of New York City. That said, these bikers are typically very passionate about their hobby. They like to take biking seriously and do everything that they can to ensure that the hobby is viewed in a good light within the city. Over the years New York City has begun to view biking as serious activity that many of the city’s residents are involved in. In fact, the city has even instituted Bike Month to recognize the impact that the bikers have on the area.

Cars bad. Bikes good!

In this day and age it is important to make smart choices regarding how you commute on a daily basis. To that end, there are basically a few options that you have. First off, you can elect to commute in your car, a cab or on public transportation. Second off, you can choose to ride a bike or walk to your destination. While riding a bike may not always be feasible if you are traveling la long distance it is certainly an option that should be considered when you have a short commute. The bike has many advantages to it that the car just cannot offer the people that use them.