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Anti-bike-theft tips in NYC.

Bike lovers can't imagine their life without their two-whbike safety nyceeled friend. So what you should do to prevent your bike from stealing in NYC.

1. Buy a good locker. If you have a good bike, it is stupid to save money on locker. Kryptonite locker is the best choice. Maybe a bit heavy, but you decrease the odds that you bike will be stolen. 

2. Lock your bike properly. Make sure you lock up two wheels, and don't forget about frame. May sound silly, but i saw hundred times when people locked their wheels, but forget the frame.

3. Lock it to something solid. Bike anchor or railing are the best, but sometimes it is not easy vacant spot - too many delivery guys on bike in NYC. What ever you locking your bike to check that is solid enough.

4. Whatever locker you have, don't lock your bike for a long time, especially overnight. Thieve will have much more time to show their skills and creativity, resulting in much bigger chance for you not to see you bike.

5. Choose crowded places to lock your bike. The more pedestrian traffic the better. It's not a problem to find such a place in NYC.  Avoid isolated places - it is most attractive spots for thieves.

6. Register your bike and keep the receipt. Of cause it's better to prevent your bike from being stolen, but even following all the anti-theft tips it can happen. Your bike's registration a receipt will increase the odds to return it.

7. If your bike been stolen - check the places where used bikes are sold in your area, maybe you can find your bike there. Bike's registration and receipt will make it possible to get bike back.

Try do follow this simple steps and the most creative thieves won't have any chance. Take care of your bike and have a nice time riding in NYC.