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Benefits of bike riding.

bike riding benefitsNowadays bikes gain extraordinary popularity. Every year around the worlds the number of those who prefer this way of transportation significantly increases.

So what are the benefits of cycling and why it becomes so popular?
Firstly bike is environmentally friendly transport..
Secondly bike is good way to safe some money on gas and subway cards.
Thirdly cycling provides huge health benefits:

    * improves overall physical training,
    * makes immune system more solid
    * increases blood supply to the pelvis removing various congestion in this area contributing to better sex life.

You can write a lot of positive aspects, but still there are some contraindications. For example, people with varicose veins is better to postpone cycling. These people can be recommended to try yoga which will help improve overall condition.

And remember too much is not good. There is no need to strive to set records, because extremely extensive use of bicycles can develop different pathologies. Knees are under biggest pressure and they should be kept warm. You need to give your body time to rest during long or difficult rides and drink more water, cause your body consume much more water riding bike.

The are a lot of aspects why cycling is nice thing to do. But it is best when combine with other activities.