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Bike is conquering NYC.

bike nyc    While on rush hours New Yorkers pack subway cars and car owners are trying to break through  traffic, more and more inhabitants of NYC prefer another way of transportation - their own bike.
    Representatives of the Bloomberg administration say they want to teach New Yorkers to ride a bicycle. This will relieve the roads and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and at the same time encourage physical activity of residents. They are planning increase the number and the quality of bike lines. The aim of  long-term development of the city 2030 is to build a network of bike paths and lanes with total length of 1700 miles. Now the city has 300 miles of bicycle lanes along streets and highways and 230 miles of bicycle paths in parks and green areas. Since cyclists are very concerned about the safe and fully equipped bicycle parkings, the authorities try to hold a City Council bill requiring that the owners of all major office buildings allocated space for parking bicycles.
     In many major cities including Berlin, Paris and Chicago bicycle is one of the central places in reorganization plan of urban transport. In Chicago authorities have set their aim to ensure that 5 percent of all city trips performed by bike. They also intend to increase the number of bicycle paths so that any resident of the city willing to get to nearest track would not have to ride more than half a mile. But all these cities are far behind  Amsterdam, which is leader among bike cities, where Bicycle is means of transportation no less popular than a car. The whole city is riding on bikes, not only from the sport grounds. People ride to work, to go shopping, for a walk with the dog. As a result - the women of this country, for the most part, athletic, fit and healthy. So why do not we learn from the Dutch habit of  riding a bike on a daily basis?
     NYC is making decent steps towards being really bike city. People begin to understand all benefits of bicycles. And authorities give green light to bike friendly bills. Nowadays about 145 thousand people are already using bikes in their every day life. And these numbers seem to increase in recent future. Find your self a two wheeled friend and bike NYC.