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Cars bad. Bikes good!

In this day and age it is important to make smart choices regarding how you commute on a daily basis. To that end, there are basically a few options that you have. First off, you can elect to commute in your car, a cab or on public transportation. Second off, you can choose to ride a bike or walk to your destination. While riding a bike may not always be feasible if you are traveling la long distance it is certainly an option that should be considered when you have a short commute. The bike has many advantages to it that the car just cannot offer the people that use them. In fact, over the last several years in metropolitan areas such as New York City the number of people that are using bikes as opposed to cars has almost tripled. People are starting to realize that biking as a viable alternative that has many hidden benefits.

The first benefit of biking as opposed to driving a car is that you will save money all around. You will not have to pay high prices at the pumps for gas when you need to fill up. With the cost of gas on the rise these days it is very difficult for most people to afford to put gas on their cars. Furthermore, when your car breaks down you have maintenance bills that you will have to pay. On top of normal wear and tear items such as tires and oil changes you will also have other, more major expenses. When you use a bike you have none of these expenses. A bicycle uses absolutely no gasoline so you will save money right away over driving your car. Also, there is little to no maintenance cost in regard to using a bike to commute. Simply put, the only cost that you will have with a bike is the purchase price. After that you will spend next to nothing to maintain it.

Another benefit to using a bike as opposed to a car is that a bicycle is better for the environment. When you use a bike you are not leaving harmful emissions out into the atmosphere. The emissions that a car emits are very harsh on the environment and contribute to ongoing problems such as global warming. This is not the case with a bicycle as there are no negative effects on the environment, only positive ones. In addition, a bike does not use any oil. This also helps to save the environment as cars use a lot of oil on a daily basis.

Lastly, a bike is better than a car because it will help you be healthy. Biking has many more health benefits than driving which has none. When you bike each day you are giving yourself a good cardiovascular workout that you would otherwise not be getting. In short, by using a bike to commute you are not only helping to influence the environment in a positive way but you are safeguarding your own personal health.