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Central Park NYC.

central park nycThe United States of America is a dream country for many people throughout the world, as it offers a lot of job opportunities, and people from all over the world flock here, to make a living, and dream of being rich, and prosperous.  NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world. It also offers a lot of attractive sites, and a lot of people visit this city for business, and pleasure. Due to the hectic lifestyle that the city has, there occurred a need to have a park where people could come for a morning walk, or jog, or ride a bike as a way of keeping fit. Central Park is just the place that you want to go, for any of these activities.   

Central Park is located in Manhattan, between 59th and 110th street between the Eighth and Fifth Avenue. It is a huge park spread over 843 acres or one mile, and is visited by approximately twenty five million visitors every year. This park opened in 1859, and was completed in 1873, by the renowned landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted, and architect Calvert Vaux. Though this park looks natural, it is actually entirely landscaped and contains many lakes, ponds, walking tracks, two ice skating rings, out of which one is a swimming pool, walking track, running track, wild life sanctuary, a central zoo, and the Central Park conservatory garden. It also has a large area reserved as natural woods, and also has a reservoir which is encircled by a running track. The peace and ambience of the Central Park also makes it a perfect place to ride bnyc central parkike, and many city dwellers come to the Central Park to ride the bike, and keep themselves fit in order to cope up with the hectic lifestyle of the city.

Many business executives, who are jet flyers, and constantly traveling also need some kind of a recreation, to keep them fit, in order to cope up with their hectic schedule. Such people also come to the Central Park to ride a bike and keep themselves fit. NYC attracts a lot of tourist and businessman as this city is considered to be the financial hub of the US. Central Park is one of the few places that they can’t afford to miss, as the calm and serene that this park offers is simply out of the world.

Central Park also boasts of a Public theatre where free concerts of well known musicians and screen actors take place. A concert of the NYC philharmonic is also held on the Great lawn, every summer. The Metropolitan Opera also performs two operas at the park, every year. You can also ride the horse carriages which are available throughout the park, and enjoy the surroundings.

So Central Park is a great place to be at, whether you want to sight see, or whether you want to jog, or ride a bike. So next time you are in NYC, make sure that a visit to Central Park is there on your agenda.