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More and More New Yorkers Prefer Bicycle

If you have ever been to New York City then chances are you were amazed with the sheer size of the area. The Big Apple is one of the largest cities in the world and it can be very tough to make your way around in a timely manner. To that end, more and more new York City residents are turning to bicycles as an effective means to get around the congested down town area. There are many reasons why people are going this route but chief among them is convenience. When you own a bicycle you no longer have to wait on a busy street corner for a cab to drive by. You can simply hop on your bike and go as opposed to wasting your day hailing a cab. This factor, in addition to others, has helped the population turn to bikes as a reliable means of transportation.

In addition to convenience, using a bicycle in NYC is a great way to save a good bit of money. The cost of a bicycle is so small that it will pay for itself in a week or two when compared to the cost of having your own car or taking a taxi. Though a taxi will provide you with the comfort of letting someone else doing the driving for you, it can be very expensive. In most cases a short taxi ride in New York City can cost you anywhere between ten and fifty dollars. If you have a longer commute then the price could be much more. The money you save on your daily taxi ride will be enough to pay for the bike rather quickly. If, however, you have ever owned your own car in NYC you know that the cost for parking can be very expensive. If you are lucky enough to find a spot on the street be prepared to pay an arm and a leg to leave it there for a few hours. In addition, NYC is notorious for giving parking tickets to people that have left their cars at meters after they have expired. Also, if you have ever had to pay for a parking spot by the month in NYC you are aware of just how ridiculous the price can be. It will cost you almost as much to keep your car parked as it will to own the car, pay for insurance and pay for gas. In turn, people have been using bicycles to get around town because they can simply store them in their apartment without having to pay a very high fee for parking.

The great thing about using a bicycle to get around NYC is that many places have become bike friendly. Many buildings have an area out front, or around back, that has dedicated spots for parking bicycles. You can leave your bike there for a few hours free of charge. Just make sure that you have it chained and locked up to ensure that it is safe while you are away from it.