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Most bike friendly cities in the world.

Traveling by bike is one of the best ways to explore new cities. On the one hand with bike you move fast enough to overtake the entire city in one day, on the other hand traffic and signs don't really bother you - in fact bicycle allowed practically everywhere. In Europe and America people are usually polite to cyclists and when riding on the road you don't have to worry about your safety too much. Moreover there are cities where cars are forced to give way to cyclists. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin - in all these European capitals people abandon cars and are switching to healthy bicycles. So what are top bike cities?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is considered the bicycle capital of the world. Hebike friendly citiesre 40% of population travels on two wheels. Extensive network of fast, safe and convenient bicycle routes helps local people to lead healthy active lifestyle, and tourists - a quick and easy access to all the attractions of this wonderful city.

Portland, Oregon.
Portland has extensive network of bicycle paths that connect all parts of the city. A lot of cyclists live in the Portland, and city support the development of this environmentally friendly mode of transport. There are more than 38 thousand bikes in the city, the network of bicycle roads has grown from 60 to 260 miles from the beginning of 1990 and the number of bike accidents has significantly decreased.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
In Denmark almost all residents have a bike and Copenhagen has been known as the "bike city" for many years. Now 32% of Copenhagen's inhabitants go to work by bicycle, and half of them consider that it is much faster and more pleasant. Most of bike paths are separated from the road by special markings and have their own traffic lights. The city has a free bike rental network, you can rent bike for modest deposit and will get money back when the bike is returned.

Davis, California.
This small town which inhabited by a total of 65 thousand people has about 100 miles of bicycle paths. Davis is one of the first cities in the United States which began to use bicycle in the transport structure actively. City's location on the plains and mild climate promote bicycle usage among population.  The bike is so popular that you even can see it on the flag of the city. People even voted for the decreasing the number of school buses to encourage children to use bicycle to go to school.

Barcelona, Spain.
3 years ago the municipality of Barcelona has opened the "Bicing" service  - bicycles as public transportation. Now every tourist who bought the "Bicing" card can take a bicycle in any of the 100 public rental stations and use as needed, leaving at any rental station at the end of its route. Currently the city have 250 parking spaces for bicycles on the streets.

San Francisco, California.
San Francisco is second most popular city in the U.S. among cyclists and has 63 miles of bicycle paths. Cyclists association support their candidates for the positions in the mayor's office therefore the needs of cyclists and pedestrians have high priority. The entire public transport has been modified to be useful for carrying bicycles.

Berlin, Germany.
Berlin is Germany's largest city and second most populated city in the European Union.  The city have 80 miles of bicycle lines and over the past 10 years the number of cyclists has doubled resulting in 40 thousand bikers who  ride on the roads of Berlin daily forming 12% of the total traffic.