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New York Bike Month

There are many bike enthusiasts that live in the confines of New York City. That said, these bikers are typically very passionate about their hobby. They like to take biking seriously and do everything that they can to ensure that the hobby is viewed in a good light within the city. Over the years New York City has begun to view biking as serious activity that many of the city’s residents are involved in. In fact, the city has even instituted Bike Month to recognize the impact that the bikers have on the area. In short, the people that bike in NYC are the reason why the environment in the area has been improving. Using a bike in lieu of a vehicle cuts down on the amount of gasoline and oil that is consumed in the area on a daily basis.


May is the official New York bike month. Each year the residents of NYC get together to celebrate biking and the positive influence that it has on the area. During bike month there are volunteers that put together dozens of rides throughout the New York area so that people who are avid cyclists have options when the weather breaks and it is time to hit the roads with the bike. In all, there is over 200 different rides, races, workshops and events during the New York bike month.


New York bike month is a relatively new phenomenon that has grown in popularity over the last several dozen years. The tradition started back in 1990 when a group of bicycle enthusiasts decided that they wanted to set some time aside to focus on all of the good things that biking has to offer. In 1990 the celebration lasted for one single day. The day was jam packed with events but it was deemed too short of a time period as the event began to gain traction and grow.  Shortly after the inaugural celebration it was decided that the events would be expanded to a week-long celebration. Once again, this lasted for a few years until it was decided that even more time was necessary for the acknowledgment of cycling in New York City. Finally, a few years into the events the time frame was expanded to a month. Over the course of the month there are countless events that take place and there are countless people that are involved with ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  Since the inception of Bike Month it has been estimated that 236,000 New Yorkers use a bike as a means of transportation on a daily basis. This number is continually growing as the numbers of people that get involved with initiatives like bike week grow.


In all, bike week started out as a small celebration but has blossomed into a full blown initiative that spans the course of a full calendar month. Without bike week the people of New York would not have the option of being educated regarding all of the positives of cycling.