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NYC on Bicycle- Best way to Explore

Let’s face it. New York City is one huge place. If you have ever spent time in NYC then you already know that getting around the town can be a nightmare. In addition to the congested streets, there is also a ton of foot traffic. That being said, many people feel that the best way to explore the Big Apple is on bicycle. Using a bike to explore the city has many advantages. First off, it is much less expensive to cruise around town on a bike as opposed to in your own car or in a taxi cab. With a bicycle you can leisurely cruise up and down the main and side streets at your own pace. You can stop whenever you want, for however long you want, in an effort to see all the city has to offer. When you are in a cab you will not be able to explore much because the cab will be whipping in and out of traffic at a high speed while all the time charging you money for each tenth of a mile. If you paid a cab to take you around to all of the different sites that the city has to offer you would be left with a huge bill at the end of the day. On the same hand, if you chose to drive your own car around in an effort to explore the city you would be stuck paying for parking if you could find somewhere to park. Parking places are at a premium in NYC. To that end, these parking spaces are very expensive even if you just want to park for a few minutes. When on a bike you never have to worry about paying for parking. At worst you can just chain your bike up to a tree or a post if you want to walk around for a few minutes.

Another reason why people are choosing to explore NYC on a bike is because it is safer. The traffic in New York is insane. There are countless numbers of car accidents, and injuries, on a daily basis in NYC. To that end, if you are on a bicycle you can all but avoid being in an accident if you use proper safety. The most dangerous thing about being on a bike in town is crossing the streets. If you pay attention to the traffic signals, just like other pedestrians, you will be able to safely navigate your way around. In addition, there is no chance that your bike will be damaged or ruined from an accident. When in a car there is always the chance of significant damage occurring. Furthermore, in the past people have explored the city using the subway system. While this is a fast way to get around town it is not always safe. Depending on the time of day, and where you are, it is much safer to be above ground on a bike as opposed to being on foot down in the subway terminal.