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What is Central Park for New Yorkers?

Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world. As we know, it is located right in the heart of Manhattan which makes it easily accessible for people who live just about anywhere in the city. The thing is, however, some New York City residents do not understand all of the things that Central Park can mean to them. For example, there are things such as bird watching or even catching a performance in the park that all New Yorker’s can take advantage of. Sadly, few of them actually take the time to realize the potential that Central Park has to offer. With 843 acres of space, the opportunities to residents in the park are absolutely endless.

Taking a ride on the carousel is just one thing that residents of the city can take advantage of. Going to the park with the family is a great way to get away for a few hours and the enjoyment that the carousel can bring will make the trip well worth it. Central Park has had a carousel located in its confines since 1871. In the early days, the ride was powered by a horse or a mule. However, today the carousel is powered by a modern engine that provides a thrilling ride for kids and adults alike. In addition, the old charm of the carousel still remains. All the details are hand carved and hand painted. In a city that is so modern and contemporary it is nice to know that there are still some things remaining that have some age to them. The cost to ride the carousel is two dollars for both adults and children.

If the weather is great and you feel like taking a walk outdoors then you can go on a Central Park walking tour. These tours are great for residents of NYC because they will provide a little bit of history as well as the benefit of getting and getting some exercise. The walking tours are provided to NYC residents by the Central Park Conservatory. In addition, these tours are free. One of the best features about a Central Park walking tour is that there are 10-different options available. Depending on what you are in the mood to see you can choose the walking tour that fits. Each tour is scheduled to last about an hour and a half and provide the participants with some information about the park in years past as well as modern day information.

If you enjoy cycling then Central Park may be the place for you. The paths in the park are wide enough to accommodate people who are walking or riding a bike. This fact makes a bike ride through the park very low stress and easy to accomplish. The great thing about central park is that because it is so big you can literally ride your bicycle on a different route each and every time. If you are interested in taking a long ride you can pedal to each corner of the park. However, if you want to cycle over to the lake and have a picnic you can do that too.