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Who invented bicycle?

It's not easy to ibicyclenvestigate who invented bicycle, but we will try to do it!

If we try to trace the origin of the bike, we probably have to go back for thousands of years to the land of ancient Egypt. There is evidence that the Egyptians had already had a two-wheel mechanism, which was set in motion by the rider's feet.

But the first models of bicycles for a wide practical use appeared only in 1817. It happened in Germany, Baron Von Dreze presented mechanism which he named "Drezen" in his honor . Two wheels of trolley were connected by wooden block. To make "Drezen" moving rider was kicking the ground with his left and right legs. He drove the trolley by turning the fortified front wheel on the axis of the handle. This mechanism got nickname the "dandy horse" for its high price. It was actively used by English King George IV.

After in 1840 Scottish McMillan modified the old "dandy horse" by putting the first pedals connected to rear wheel axle. He was able to ride so quickly that she was arrested for "furious riding", they don't have speeding tickets at those times.

The word "bicycle" first appeared in 1865 when the Frenchman Lalemen put pedals attached to the front wheel of mechanism very similar to the "dandy horse". In 1868 were first used light metal wheels with wire spokes and solid rubber tires.

Shortly new large front wheel was used. It was becoming bigger and bigger resulting in higher speed - one turn of pedals was pushing  bicycle for longer distances. In some models the front wheel reached 1.5 meters in diameter while rear could be just 30 centimeters. To ride such a bicycle rider have to be pretty acrobatic.

Finally in 1885 appeared first "safety bicycle". In this model, the wheels were the same size, but the seat was located slightly ahead of the rear wheel. Following improvements gave the bike it's modern look.

So this the story of the bike, one of the most significant inventions in the history. All this give you possibility, to choose sunny day, to take your bike and to enjoy riding your two wheeled friend.